Bracknell escorts are the busiest girls in London

Life is becoming more and more hectic and busy here at Berkshire escorts. I have been working here for just over 10 months and I have never been this busy. It is nice to be busy but our agency certainly need more escorts. The boss says that he is trying to recruit more escorts, but it isn’t easy. Most of the girls who want to be escorts are from places like Hungary, and not all of them speak English that well. Here in Berkshire the majority of our dates are still British, so you do need to have good command of the English language. But finding English escorts for Bracknell escorts is not easy.

I have a couple of friends who work for elite agencies in London. They started out working at Bracknell escorts, but moved on. There are a lot of Russian and other girls who speak Russian working in central London. The gents who date in central London often come from all over the world, and it is important to be able to speak different languages. I have to say that it isn’t for me and I am much happier here at Bracknell escorts Many of the European girls who apply to our agency dream about being escorts in a big city. I am not sure it is such a good idea.

Bracknell escorts

Bracknell escorts

The girls who used to work for Bracknell escorts and moved onto central London are not earning as much as they thought they would. It is really expensive to live and work in central London. This is the main reason that I prefer to stay here in Berkshire. Mind you, Berkshire is not a million miles away from London. I can easily catch a train from Bracknell and be in central London very quickly.
Also, I like a lot of the gents that I date through Bracknell escorts. When I worked in central London, I always felt that I did not know a lot of my dates. Here it is really nice as you do have a more of a relationship with your dates. It is nice to be able to speak to them on a much more personal basis. As a matter of fact, the gents that I date here are much nicer and better gentlemen than any of the gents that I met when working for an elite agency in central London.

I am not going to be working for Bracknell escorts forever, but I do enjoy being here. Living in Bracknell is rather nice, and it is a bit less hectic and stir crazy than many parts of London. Hopefully I should be able to save up most of my earnings and in a couple of years time, move on and do something different. It has been fun to be an escort, but you can’t do it forever. I will miss my colleagues at the agency and many of the gents that I date on a regular basis. With a bit of luck, I should be able to stay friends with most of them.…

Tips for Dating Harrow Escorts

Are you looking for a hot date in Harrow tonight but you are tired of your run of the mill girlfriends? In that case, you should check out Harrow escorts. Before I met Harrow escorts, I was not really into dating escorts, but all of that has changed. Yes, I had dated one or two escorts but the experience dating them had not been quite what I expected. I had enjoyed it immensely but I was not as turned on as I had expected to be. When I first came across the girls here in Harrow all of that changed.


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The girls here in Harrow are playful little sex kittens that just love to have fun. I am sure that you will find the same thing as soon as you meet them. Everybody think that Harrow is a really posh place, but it isn’t really so. There is a Bohemian side to Harrow, and that is where you can find the hottest escorts. My mom used to live in this part of Harrow so I know it rather well. The girls that I date at Harrow escorts are like naughty little Bohemian girls, and I am delighted to have made their acquaintance.


The hottest girls at Harrow escorts are called Myra and Tina. They make a duo dating team, or you can date them privately as well. I have tried my hand at duo dating. It was an amazing experience, but at the same time I found that it was rather an overwhelming experience. The girls were just about too much for me, and I thought that the date was over a bit too son. A lot of that had to do with the fact that I was incomplete escorts fantasy land.


Now I still date Myra and Tina at Harrow escorts, but I do so privately. One girl at the time is enough for me, and I am sure that a lot of guys would feel exactly the same way once they meet the two red hot babes. Myra can really set your world on fire, by showing you how to have a seriously good time, and Tina can help you to relax. She has the most amazing touch, and can deliver the ultimate sweet massage.


So, if you are looking for a hot date in this part of West London tonight, I would certainly check out Harrow escorts. Yes, I have had great dates with both Tina and Myra, and I am thinking about making them my permanent girlfriends. They are the hottest babes on record, and I promise you that you will not be disappointed in their dating styles. I love both of the hot babes, and I am sure that you would enjoy the experience of dating Tina and Myra as well. So, if you are sitting on your own tonight, but hankering for some female company, I would just give Harrow escorts a call.…